KEENON Robotics Tops Market Share & Growth in IDC Report

Market research institution IDC(International Data Corporation), in its re-centre port“ Market Share of Commercial Service Robots in China Catering Industry”, marks KEENON Robotics as top of the list in both Market Share and Growth in China’s commercial service robots for the catering industry in 2021. The company’s growth rate of 153.4% is leading the rest of the industry, with a market share of 48.6%, almost twice as large as the second largest.

KEENON Robotics Tops Market Share & Growth in IDC Report

“The demand for service robots, such as delivery robots, is growing significantly across manyindustries, especially catering,” IDC reported. “The catering industry has become one of the most mature industries in the application of commercial service robots, with the market displaying a rapid growth trend over the past two years. In 2021, the total market size of commercial service robots in the catering industry in China reached $84 million US dollars, which is an increase of more than 110% compared to the previous year – this is significant growth.”.

IDC Research Manager, Can Cui further noted, “The commercial service robot market for China’s catering industry achieved rapid growth in 2021, labor shortages, and favorablenational policy; establishing a positive long-term trend. In the short-term, however, with the market becoming moremature and more refined in terms of operations,products, teams, costs, andservices, there will beimproved profitability asdevelopments in catering spread to related industries and overseas expansion will become a key direction for market development.”

As a leading enterprise in the industry, KEENON Robotics has a significant edge by maintaining high growth levels and occupying nearly 50% of the domestic market share.

Continuous Breakthroughs in Technology, KEENON Robotics Steps into the Era of High-Speed Growth

In 2021, catering-specificservice robots from KEENON Robotics exploded in popularity and use, with almost 65% of the top 100 food and beverage brands, such as Haidilao Hotpot, Pizza Hut, Xiao NanGuo Restaurant, Grandma’s House, and more, adopting KEENON Robotics products.

In the same year, KEENON Robotics completed Alibaba’s exclusive strategic financing and SoftBank Vision-led investment of $200 million D round financing. The company achieved outstandingresults and wasalso ranked on the Hurun global Unicorn Company list in the year. Meanwhile, the company was awarded the TOP 10 best investment cases in advanced manufacturing by the CVINFO2021 Annual List.

Based in China, Exploring Globally, and Continuing to Promote the Popularization of Robotics Technology.

Currently, KEENON Robotics has successfully launched in North America, Europe, theAsia Pacific, South America, theMiddle East, and Africa, with six major global business areas. In theseareas,KEENON Robotics is cooperating with largelocal multinational companies on strategic development to continue supporting the world with commercial service robots.

In the future, KEENON Robotics will continue to increase R&D investment, accelerating the growth of distribution channels to the global market, boostingdigital transformation, and improving efficiency. KEENON Robotics is also willing to take a role as an industry leader together with other industry partners to push the limits ofscience and technology andpromote the popularization and development of commercial robots, which cantruly bring about the technology to change lives.

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